12-YO Girl Gets Home 4 Months After Going Missing, All Thanks To Cops & Google Maps!


The rapid advancement in technology can sometimes be overwhelming. But applications like GPS, maps have today become everyone’s best buddy. From navigating the routes to tracking the traffic, and much more, they have secured a permanent place in every smartphone.

This genius technology also became a lifesaver for a 12-year-old girl who was reunited with her family four months after she went missing.

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According to reports, the 12-year-old minor went missing from her aunt’s home in JJ colony, Kirti Nagar at the time of Holi on March 21.

According to the police, the girl took an e-rickshaw near the Kirti Nagar furniture market. But when she did not disembark at the metro station, the rickshaw driver took her to the Kirti Nagar police station.

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During the inquiry, the girl who happened to have a mental disability, couldn’t recall anything but her father’s name and said she was from “Khurja” village but the police were unable to trace anything with the given information.

The girl was later handed over to an NGO and a case was registered under the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the POCSO act.

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The police even took her to Khurja village in UP to no avail. But she soon mentioned names of neighbourhoods in her village. These locations helped the police search the areas on Google Maps. This was when they gathered that the villages she mentioned were in UP. Later, her family was also traced by the police.

The girl’s father said that he brought his daughter to the capital for treatment at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS) when she went missing.

Kudos to Delhi police for the sheer persistence with which they tried multiple ways to locate her family. And you see, Google maps helped too.

A win for technology!

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