Man Jokes Google Maps Advised Him To Drive Into A Mango Tree, People Say, ‘Story Of My Life’

In the current times, Google Maps is that tapri waley uncle telling visitors directions to different locations. However, it’s not as foolproof as him. If you’re running low on luck, you might end up in deserted islands or reach a dead end, thanks to the web mapping service.

Earlier, a groom almost married the wrong woman after Google Maps took him to the wrong venue.

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Well, recently people online shared similar experiences of being diverted to weird locations. Twitter started flooding with such stories after a man joked that Google maps lead him into the bush and advised him to drive into a mango tree.

From making people drive through someone’s compound to saying ‘your destination is on the right’ when on a bridge top, these are some hilarious blunders it did.

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Well, these are hilarious but annoying. Have you ever been diverted to an unknown land when blindly following the navigating service?

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