This Google Employee Works Only 1 Hour A Day & Earns ₹1.2 Crore A Year

A lot of us dream about making an insane amount of money but only working for a few hours a day. But that’s what it is – just a dream. But for a guy working for Google, it’s reality.

According to India Today, there is an employee (unnamed) working for Google who earns Rs 1.2 crore a year (USD 150,000) by only working an hour every day.

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The guy said that the work culture at Google is very different. Apparently, everyone knows that they’re working just a job and if he had to work long hours, he would rather join a startup. Besides his high salary, the guy even received a sign-in bonus and is set to receive a year-end bonus as well.

What is his job? He writes codes for Google’s tools and products. Even if he misses a message from his manager, he says that it is no big deal and can revert back at night.

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When asked about his journey at Google, the guy said that he initially joined as an intern and soon got to know that if he ended up securing a job at the company, he wouldn’t have to work that much because he is incredibly quick. He revealed that while he was working as an intern, he once finished writing his code super early and went on a week-long holiday to Hawaii.

“You could work at Apple, but Apple has such fan appeal to software engineers. They work long hours. But at Google, most people know what they’re doing is a job,” he said.

According to News18, this is what a typical day for the guy looks like – wake up at 9 AM, take a shower, prepare breakfast, work till 11 AM or 12 PM, and devote the rest of his day to his own startup venture.

His work life is a dream for so many of us!

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