People Online Bid Teary Adieu To Adobe Flash Player As It Finally Gets Plugged Out

Isn’t it painful watching your childhood fade away? Like walking past your old school, watching your favourite DVD and videogame store shut down, or when Orkut and Internet Explorer shut down. With newer technology capturing the market, the older ones are bidding adieu one by one, and now it is time for Adobe Flash Player.

According to BBC, Adobe Flash Player is finally put to rest. Released in 1996, Adobe Flash Player was then the most popular platform to stream videos and play online games. However, it wasn’t ready for the smartphone era and was also plagued with security issues.

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Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming sites began streaming high-quality videos without Flash Player, making it dip in popularity. Finally, in 2017, Adobe announced that Flash Player would be retiring in 2020, and it did.

People online bid a tearful goodbye to another part of their childhood. Have a look:

Rest in peace, Adobe Flash Player!

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