Man Pranks Golfers Who Hit The Ball In His Yard By Pretending They Hit His Head, Watch Video


Last year, a digital artist pranked random strangers by pasting stickers of AirPods across the city and tricking them into thinking they dropped them. But now that we’re all social distancing and staying home as much as possible, such pranks are a little difficult to pull off. Having said that, comedian Trevor Noah shared the video of a man who successfully tricks golf players and it is hilarious.

Essentially, his house yard is adjacent to a golf course, and each time someone hits the ball into it, he lays flat on the ground pretending to have been hit by it. Once the player arrives to retrieve the golf ball, he rubs his head and gets up slowly to return the ball. The players invariably think they were responsible for his ‘injury’.


According to the man’s family member Shelley, he has pulled this prank multiple times and it never gets old. People are loving his acting as well as the fact that everyone is finding a unique way to laugh in these tough times.


When was the last time you pulled off a prank? Tell us.

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