Women On Reddit Talk About The Times They Were Called A ‘Gold-Digger’ By Others

A ‘gold-digger’ is any person who gets into relationships with the sole intention of extracting money and expensive gifts from their partners. Mostly, this term is used for women, who seek well-settled and rich men to marry. However, nowadays, this term is used rather loosely.

Women who decide to become stay at home moms, walk out of a relationship, or receive expensive gifts from their husbands or boyfriends are often tagged as a gold-digger by surrounding people. For example, actor Mandana Karimi was called a gold-digger by Ali Merchant. But not just women, even men who have more successful female partners are called gold-diggers. Like how Divyanka Tripathi’s husband Vivek Dahiya is often called a gold-digger.

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Hence, when women online on Reddit were asked to reveal instances where they were called gold-diggers by others, many had a lot to share.

What were the occasions when you were accused of being a "gold digger" by others? from AskWomen

From being accused by their mothers-in-law to ex-boyfriends, here’s what several women had to say:

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The above cases are nothing but examples of how insensitive and disrespectful many people are towards women on a day to day basis.

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