People Reveal How They Restarted Their Careers On Discovering Their Passion Late In Life


‘Always follow your dreams.’ Despite having an initial hesitation about ‘What will people say?’, we should pursue our passions in life. Even if it means going back to school at a really mature age because education never stops. For instance, smashing conventional mindsets, 106-year-old Bhageerathi Amma from Kerala took digitals classes to appear for her class 7 exam.

Astonishing, right? Well, many people are not able to complete their education at a particular age due to various reasons like – family responsibility, financial troubles, lack of interest at the moment, or societal pressure. However, there are several individuals who break the traditional norms to restart their careers later in life.

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From going to law school at the age of 58 to getting a Ph.D. on turning 80, have a look at these inspiring stories that prove age is just a number and education can be completed at any point in life. All you need to do is set your heart at it.

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What an inspiring thread! It certainly goes on to show, ‘There is no age to learning.’

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