“God’s Got Chill”: Amusing Yet Thought-Provoking Poem Talks About Our Flawed Belief In God

My views on having belief in God is not your usual black or white opinion. But this isn’t about me. It’s about the majority of people who have strong faith and belief in their respective Gods, their teachings and the purpose they think God has made them for.

While I am no one to contradict these beliefs, it is also true that morals, ethics, societal rules and regulations – these are all made by man and we are forced to abide by it.

The choices we make, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the way we treat each other – all of it is dictated by people called the ‘Godsmen’. And we take their word for it. All because we’re promised a future of heaven and salvation.

Like my favourite dialogue from a movie goes:

“We’re not God-loving people, we’re  God-fearing people.”

But what if God is a chill guy? What if he wants you to live freely and wildly and just enjoy yourself? What if he has no rules for us except being kind and gracious?

Beautifully penned, the poem ‘God’s Got Chill’ by Aarsh Mehta talks about all of these questions and possibilities that we may or may not have considered before. It makes us sit back and rethink our faith and what exactly are we striving for.

Saying any more about the poem will take away the essence of it. So here, you can hear it from the poet himself.

Soul-touching, isn’t it? God’s not asking for anything, he doesn’t NEED us to do anything for him. All he wants is for us to be grateful for the simple yet astoundingly beautiful world he has created. I think we’re capable of doing that much, aren’t we?