If You Are Still Figuring Out Your ‘Ultimate Goal’ In Life, This Quora Answer Sums The Wisdom Up!

It is not uncommon to feel confused about life nowadays. With so many opportunities opening up everywhere we are spoilt for choice about what to do in life.

Even then we still come up empty when someone asks us the dreaded question – “What’s your main goal in life?”

We come up with an acceptable answer that aligns itself with our passion, but sometimes even that is not our REAL GOAL. After we give the answer we do some soul searching ourselves, still unable to find our true calling. Some of us have already succeeded in life – topped a class, gotten rich, founded a startup but still feel empty when the question comes up.

And if this activity feels very familiar to you and if you get too bothered by the fact that you do not have an ultimate goal in life, a wise man on Quora answered the question quite succinctly –

Is there any main goal in the life of a person?

How does a person know about it?

We often waste a lot of our time chasing something that does not actually exist.

A man was passing through a jungle where he found many arrows hitting the bull’s eye on trees.

He looked around and found a boy with a bow and arrows.

He complimented him, “You are such a great archer. All your arrows are hitting the bull’s eye. Can you show me how you do it?”

The boy admitted shyly, “I am not such a good archer. I actually hit the arrow first and make the circle later.”

This is the case with most of the successful people. Once they are successful, they build stories around their success as if they already know their goal from the beginning. They connect everything of their past with the goal to give an impression that they did everything to achieve this goal.

The fact is that people don’t know what their goal is.

We follow different things in life and we discover our goal when our talents match with our pursuits. Your efficiency is much better in the field of your interest and you get far better results and rewards when you work in such field.

We get bored with anything soon and start trying something else. Bill Gates has not stopped merely as an entrepreneur or as the richest man in the world. He is now doing a lot of charitable work for the world. Tomorrow he may choose to contest for the President of USA post, and if he feels so, he can do it.

Gandhi was an unsuccessful advocate. However, during his trip to South Africa, he discovered that he can be a great mass leader. He then became a politician.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what your main goal is because there is actually no predestined goal for anyone.

It is you who make that goal and it is you who have to accomplish that goal.

Your goal is your creation.

Set realistic goals for your life that suits your aptitude and abilities for leading a happy and contented life.

Makes sense, Mr. Singh.

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