A DJ In Goa Gets Brutally Beaten By SIX Men For Refusing To Play Music After 12. SHAME!

Disclaimer: Graphic images of violence ahead. Reader discretion is advised.

Our country is a land of bizarre conundrums. If you break the law, you get called for it. If you adhere to the law, you still get blasted.

In short, you can’t catch a break. And this horrific incident that occurred at a bar in Goa is proof enough that sometimes, even following the rules can get you in a tight spot.

DJ Ashwin Alvares, a famous karaoke DJ who was playing at the Goodman Restaurant in Colva, Goa was brutally beaten up by SIX patrons for refusing to play a song of their choice.


A Facebook post shared by Goa Events and Entertainment Management Association (GEEMA) yesterday morning describes in detail the entire incident and names a local resident, one “Freddy”, as the main culprit.


According to the post, Freddy, who is the owner of Shalom Restaurant in Assolna, was at Goodman along with his friends. Around 11.30 pm, the group had requested a song to be played.

DJ Ashwin had previously played all their requests but politely declined this one as many other guests’ requests needed to be played before 12 am, beyond which it was not permissible to play music.

Fair enough, right?


Well, Freddy and his gang of “bouncers” didn’t think so. Some of them went up to DJ Ashwin to intimidate him into playing their song. But Ashwin stood his ground and started packing up right after 12 am.

“Freddy was on a power trip and wanted to show his friends from Mumbai that he is a Don in Colva.”


As Ashwin was loading up his car, one of the attackers, Anthony, shut the car, knocked the equipment right out of Ashwin’s hands and called for his friends to surround him. Freddy then threw the first punch that broke Ashwin’s nose, after which his friends too joined in.

Ashwin escaped somehow and ran back to the safety of the restaurant, where the other guests intervened and held his attackers off, even keeping one of them from using his baseball bat on Ashwin.


If that wasn’t preposterous enough, this gang of hooligans had the audacity to go a step further.

According to GEEMA’s post, the one named Anthony walked into Colva Police Station and claimed that he was alone and it was Ashwin who had lost his senses and attacked him!


While this was happening, Julia, a guest at the restaurant who also happened to be a nurse, patched up Ashwin’s nose the best she could while he waited for the ambulance to take him to Hospicio Hospital.


This morning, GEEMA shared another update on their Facebook page stating that an FIR has been lodged against the attackers.

In a slew to promoting artists’ safety, a press conference was also conducted by the Goa Entertainment Association in support of DJ Ashwin, who is a member. There have also been pleas to the Home Ministry, the Government and the Police for the attackers’ arrest.


According to this latest post, as of now, over 81,000 people have shared their anger over this incident and voiced their support for Ashwin.

1. Some guests, who witnessed the entire ordeal, condemned the violence.


2. There was a unanimous call for punishment for the attackers.


3. Those who know Ashwin personally hoped for justice for their friend.


In his Facebook post this morning, Ashwin thanked everyone for their help and concern and assured them that he would return to performing as soon as he was better.

“Am really grateful to all my friends and family who came to my assistance and the countless more who have been checking up on me, calling and visiting me in hospital, calling up the cops and media and getting the word out there.
I am stable now but still in a lot of pain and discomfort. I refuse to be intimidated and will go on to my shows as soon as I am able. Too many names to take but I appreciate what you have done for me and thank you all.”


Here’s hoping justice is served swiftly and fairly in this matter and it becomes a lesson for such hooligans in the future!