Go-Pee & Go-Pee-Ka: Toilet Sign From Delhi Bar Loo Goes Viral, People Demand Simpler Ones

Imagine this: You’re at a bar, a couple of drinks down and you urgently want to release that load on your urinary bladder. So, you went towards the loo, but now, you’re just staring at the two doors, wondering which one to use.

This is because the signs that indicate which toilet is for men and women are pretty confusing.

Representative Image

This is something no one would want at such a crucial moment. But, seems like people who make these toilet signs don’t think about the urgency one can have. This is why they keep coming up with weird, confusing signs on loos.

Twitter user Pragun recently shared images of the washroom signs he saw at a bar. On the men’s washroom, the board read, ‘Go-pee’ with a cartoonish picture of a man. While in the woman’s washroom, it read, ‘Go-pee-ka’ along with a picture of a woman.

Sharing the two images, the guys wrote, “Can bars just have normal washroom signs?”

One of the people online was able to identify the bar which had these signs. It’s apparently from Effingut in Saket, Delhi.

These signs got Twitter buzzing with people wanting public places to have normal sign boards.

Some also shared the other complicated toilet signs they had encountered.

Seriously guys, let’s not complicate our lives even further.

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