Durga Puja Celebration In An Ancient Church In Glasgow Shows That The Festival Is For All

Durga Puja is much more than a festival for Bengalis. It is the coming together of all kinds of people and sentiments; it is the thousands of hugs celebrating homecoming at the airport; it is the innumerable food stalls outside the pandal, from chaat to egg rolls and everything that it represents; it is the expression of various social, political and economic ideas through art. Durga Puja is a festival for all and it is anywhere that the puja can be done.

Malini Chakrabarty, a student of the University of Sterling who currently lives in the United Kingdom, shared pictures of a Durga Puja celebration in Glasgow.

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This was no ordinary celebration. It took place at an ancient church in Paisley known as the Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church.

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Amidst sculptures of Jesus Christ on the marble stood the idol of the goddess with her children on the centre stage. Many gathered to witness the priest chanting mantras, including people who were English, Scottish, Dutch, and French, reported The Quint.

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“While I’m not a religious person, I do enjoy the shared sense of community and humanity that this festival brings out in all of us. I tried sharing a wee tale of that essence,” wrote Malini on Facebook.

Have a look at the pictures here:

An elderly couple looking at the gorgeous idols.

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Thakur moshai (priest) carries on with the puja rituals.

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People gathered to witness the magic.

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You may have a look through the entire album here:

Durga Puja is one festival which sends out a strong message of diversity and harmony. It is to be enjoyed by all across social boundaries and borders. And that is the spirit that needs to be cherished and preached.

All pictures used with prior permission from Malini Chakrabarty.

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