This Girl Couldn’t Stop Pouting & Clicking Selfies. She Was Diagnosed With ‘Chutiyapa!’

Some diseases have visible symptoms, whereas some have symptoms which are disguised. The latter is the most dangerous kind as we tend to overlook its side effects and diagnose it by the time it’s too late. Well, everyone knows that one such disease spreading like an epidemic amongst girls is ‘Chutiyapa!’ You never know, you might have it.

Do you click pictures in every wash-room?
Do you put make-up when you are at home?
Do you ‘follow’ a football club just because your boyfriend does? If yes, do you fail to spell the name of that foot ball club?
Do you talk on phone in English loudly while using public transports?
Do you think that the correct way to spell ‘My, you, and forever’ is ‘Mah, yew and foreveaaa’?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then we have a video for you by Comedy One. It will tell you about all the symptoms in detail and will also give solutions which are easy to follow. So watch it, because precaution is better than cure.

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