Girl Makes A Smooth Move By Using A Spotify Playlist To Ask A Guy Out On A Date

In today’s age, there are hundreds of ways you can ask a person out on a date. It doesn’t always have to be straight up, on the face. It’s terrifying. But nowadays, more subtle yet smoooooth ways are coming to light that are simple, yet classic. Here’s an example.

A guy took to Twitter to share how a wonderful girl he matched with on Tinder asked him out on a date. She sent him a Spotify playlist that was named ‘What about a date’ and the names of the songs add up to ‘I wanna see you tomorrow at the cafe’. What a brilliant first move! Have a look:

Here’s what the guy tweeted:

Several people online were in awe of the girl’s efforts and many even wanted the same kinda love-story-in-the-making for themselves! Here’s how some of them responded:

What’s your go-to first move? 😉

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