Girl Takes Sick Leave, Goes For IPL Match, Asks Cameramen Not To Show Her Face, Now She’s Viral

As you already know, we Indians are obsessed with cricket. It’s not even our national sport but still, it has a massive fan following in India. The moment an important match or the Indian Premier League (IPL) kick-starts, people try to wrap up all their work quickly to catch the live action.

Some even go to the extent of buying expensive seats and even skipping work to watch live matches.

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Recently, a woman went to watch the match between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians during the ongoing IPL tournament. But since it was on a work day, she took sick leave and went to see the match.

She also carried a placard with her that instructed the cameramen to NOT show her face on camera because she lied at work about her illness and came to watch the match.

“Don’t show me on camera. My co-workers think I am unwell,” read the poster she held while covering her face.

We can also someone standing behind her with a poster that read, “She is the Swiggy admin” with an arrow pointed toward the girl. But to her disappointment, the cameramen got their lenses on her unique placard and a picture of her went viral online.

Posting the pic, Twitter user Shivani wrote:

People had a good laugh on watching the pic. Some even suggested it was smart of her to grab all the eyeballs by stating that she wanted none.

As someone stated, the match started at night. Unless she works at a call center, her poster doesn’t make sense. Didi ko definitely attention chahiye!

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