Here’s The Letter A Class 12 Girl Wrote Before Killing Self To Save Her Father From Suicide

India is a developing country but the path to progress is plagued with a lot of unseen problems. While one could argue that development comes at a cost, the loss of innocent life is an unwarranted evil, a social evil that reduces our efforts to namesake.

Let me rephrase that; farmer suicides, owing to the erratic rainfall, is no news in India. In fact, it has given rise to a revolt that sits in the capital, demanding action from the centre of power.

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While we have all seen and heard a lot about it, there is a piece of news that will break your heart into several pieces.


According to Dainik Bhaskar, a class XII student in Marathwada region committed suicide after seeing her father struggling with financial burden, trying to make ends meet. 

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Reports suggest that the deceased, identified as Sarika Suresh Zute, killed herself because she could foresee that her father might kill himself under financial pressure to get married. 

A resident of Javlazuta village in Parbhani district, Sarika hanged herself at her home.


She even left a heart breaking suicide note and the words will haunt you forever. She wrote,

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Dear Papa,

Bhau (uncle) committed suicide five-six days ago because the crops got ruined due to scarce rainfall. Even our family is crumbling under a lot of debts. You borrowed money to sow seeds but they wilted and now, I can’t see your pain. You’re still struggling with the loan you took last year for elder sister’s marriage. I am afraid that you will burden yourself with more hardships when I get married and end your life too as bhau did, so I am ending my life.

Yours Truly,


As sad as it is, she should have had the realisation of how much she means to her parents. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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