Girl Seeks Help As Her ‘Highly Educated’ Parents Are Firm Believers Of Arranged Marriages

When you grow up in an Indian household, there is too much pressure you have to deal with. The pressure to excel in academics, to secure a decent job, to get married, settle down, have kids, etc. It’s almost as if the list is never-ending! It gets tougher when your family believes in arranged marriages and decides to set you up with someone.

A 19-year-old girl recently took to Reddit to reveal how her “highly qualified” and “intellectual” parents have declared that she will have an arranged marriage when the time comes. They have also stated that she has to marry the guy they choose for her as it is their “sole right” and that their decision will be final.

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“My parents are supposed to be highly qualified and open-minded but believe that they would pick the right boy for me to whom I’ll adjust eventually. I find this extremely depressing. I have lost my sense of agency and freedom to love freely,” she wrote.

She further revealed that the argument they use to oppose love marriages is that, in their opinion, love is nothing but an “infatuation”. They also take divorce rates and social clauses into consideration.

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Have a look at her full post here:

How do I save myself from an arranged marriage? from india

Responding to her post, several people suggested that she wait till she becomes financially independent, as then it would be easier for her to make her own decisions. Some also asked her not to rebel outright, but to stand her ground.

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A few also shared similar experiences of getting entangled in an arranged marriage setup and how it went.

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The entire concept of an arranged marriage to this day remains an area of conflict. While some oppose the idea of marrying a complete stranger, losing their agency and surrendering their will to their family, others cite examples of older generation couples for whom arranged marriages have worked very well.

Are you for or against arranged marriages? Tell us!

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