Girl Asks Differently-Abled Guy Out For Prom And It’s The Cutest Prom-Posal Ever!


Specially-abled Kids, unfortunately, grow up with a lot of stigmas and insecurities. School is tough and so is every other activity because special needs demand patience that no school-goer has heard of. Or so we thought…

Keyonna Moore from Anacostia High School in Washington DC has touched a lot of hearts on the Internet with her prom-posal. The cheerleader decided to ask her classmate out for the big dance night and it is a sight to behold.

Keyonna popped the question to wheel-chair bound Tyuan Malik Barbour and it was truly a heart-warming moment.


The entire thing was captured by one of the school students and, needless to say, it’s going viral. The video has already garnered more than 9,000 views and is collecting more as we speak. Reportedly, DC Barbour’s mom cried when she heard that the story was being so widely shared.

Antoinio Gray, Barbour’s cousin said,

“Moore found it in her heart to want to make a difference for someone with special needs. Not for social media and not just to get people to like her for doing something so good, but from the kindness of her heart.

She’s a very good friend to Tyuan and she’s planning on sticking beside him.”

You can watch the viral video here.

If this doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will! You have a beautiful heart Keyonna, wish we had more like you.

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