A Girl NEVER Asks For It And This Video Shows Why People Should Stop Blaming The Victim

India is truly ‘incredible’ when it comes to matters of women safety and sexual harassment women face each day.

Please find dollops of sarcasm in the aforesaid statement. And, you know what’s the worst part? People of authority and herds from the society justify sexual assault by blaming the victim for it, saying she was asking for it. From questioning what she wore to what time she went out to if she was following the ‘western culture’, people try to blame it on the girl. Why doesn’t the society question the culprit’s actions?

This video uploaded by Cinemonkz, shows how an ‘easy girl’ in any way is not asking for it. They sum up each and every situation well in the short video and give out a really strong message.

‘But the only thing necessary for a rape to happen is the presence of a rapist.’