Taslima Nasreen Calls Delhi Bus Masturbation Incident ‘Victim-less Crime’, Gets Roasted

It’s a sad truth that women in this country, actually all over the world have arguably faced some or the other form of sexual abuse in their life. This can any form of violence like exhibitionism or rape or assault and abuse.

Yesterday the story of a 20-year-old, Delhi University student came to the forefront. She shot a video of a man in a bus masturbating at her and shared it on social media.

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She also went and filed an FIR against him in the Vasant Vihar police station. The video became instantly viral and was shared by angry and disgusted netizens.

The story was one of many that shook social media with other such instances happening last year in Mumbai as well especially aboard the local train.

However, Bangladeshi author in exile seems to differ from netizens and is of the opinion that masturbation is a “victim-less crime.” She took to Twitter and said that it is not that big a crime.

She later tweeted saying that women are not safe anywhere or at any time and that it is men who perpetuate misogyny which makes half the population feel unsafe.

Netizens presented their viewpoints on what the author said masturbation in public is a crime and the person doing it is harassing the viewer who is a victim.

1. It’s a public space, for God’s sake.

2. Absolutely.

3. A lot of women do feel victimised by the act.

4. Inside homes maybe?

5. Spot on.

6. That’s a lawyer talking.

7. This is one user’s opinion.

8. It’s about a mindset.

9. All of this comes under sexual harassment.

10. User, Dev shared his view on the matter.

Kudos to the girl who recorded the video. It isn’t always easy to muster courage and stand up to the person harassing you. Because that’s what it is, sexual harassment and it is traumatic for many.

Taslima Nasreen says, “Men should rather masturbate, than rape and murder.” No one is stopping them from masturbating, but no woman likes to be nullified and be reduced to an object of appeasement especially on a public transport.

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