Girl Asks Twitter To Find Stranger She Kissed Atop Eiffel Tower. And Twitter Delivers!

The charming city of Paris is home to one of the most romantic spots in the world—the Eiffel Tower. Several love stories have begun and reached their zenith on the third floor of this wonder of the world. In fact, if you’ve ever visited the Eiffel Tower, you’ll come across a rather suggestive sign:

Image Courtesy: Jinal Bhatt

Twitter user Juliana Corrales of California took full advantage of this sign and kissed a cute stranger. But her love story hit a major snag! She forgot to get his number! So what did she do? Well, she sought help from her Twitter fam, of course!

Thankfully, she had just one other detail about the mystery guy, besides his name.

Then what? Twitter was drawn to this challenge like a moth to a flame! But there was one request that Juliana was inundated with numerous times. What’s the story, girl?

And finally, she obliged! In a Twitter thread, she explained how fate had brought them together atop the Eiffel Tower during her school trip to Paris. And believe me, it makes for one hell of a meet-cute!

It started with a pact….

What happened next was something all single folks will relate to!

Enter our hero, Gavin!

Oh Gavin, you gentleman, you!

Awwwww you guys!

But the real MVP was Gavin’s mom, who urged her son to kiss Juliana again!

Of course, amidst all this crazy, she forgot to get his number!

It’s okay, Juliana. These things can happen. Your Twitter fam got your back!

Juliana, like a die-hard romantic, had full faith in the Tweeple and kept her hopes alive!

And Twitter? First, it went all mushy over Juliana’s story. And then? Then, they marshalled detective skills that would put Sherlock Holmes to shame.

1. From Cali, with love!

2. Some prayer seeking divine intervention never hurt!

3. Dedication!

4. Can we have some applause for this brilliant idea?

5. Failure is a stepping stone for success. We’ll get there!

You know how they say the darkest time of the night comes just before dawn? After two days of search ops, Twitter finally found Gavin! In fact, not just Gavin, they found his mother too!

Someone found his mother’s Instagram account. She even had pictures from their trip to the Eiffel Tower and Gavin was in them!

But the most amazing thing was that somehow this whole hullabaloo managed to reach Gavin’s neighbour! Can you imagine the odds?

But the universe played a twisted game and ruined everyone’s happiness. Apparently, our hero Gavin here was already taken. He had a girlfriend and Twitter was NOT HAPPY.

1. *Death stare*

2. Uh uh!

But Juliana, ever the romantic, remained unfazed by this discovery. While she was glad that Gavin was found and thanked everyone who helped, she urged them all to not spread the hate and let the boy live in peace.

If there’s anything this short-lived romance proves, it is that Twitter needs to take a bow!

Hear hear!

And don’t you forget it!