To Prove Her True Love, 15-YO Girl Injected Her BF’s HIV-Positive Blood Into Her Body

From jumping into water bodies to cutting their veins and writing letters in blood, people go far and beyond to prove to their partners how much they love them.

But this woman crossed all boundaries of bizarreness when she decided to inject her boyfriend’s HIV-positive blood into her body as a testimony of her true love.

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According to a news report, the 15-year-old girl from Assam met her boyfriend on Facebook. And over the span of three years, their love grew manifolds and they were inseparable. The girl even ran away with the guy multiple times but was always brought back by her parents.

But this time around, she decided to do the unbelievable and risked her life for the sake of love. She took out the blood of her HIV-positive boyfriend and injected it onto her body with a syringe.

When the incident was brought to light, the cops arrested the boy and the girl was sent for medical examination.

The internet was in a frenzy on hearing how teens today would go to any extent without even thinking of their repercussions.

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Yaar, ye kaise pyar ka pramaan hai?

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