After Video Of Girl Being Harassed At Chennai Stadium Went Viral, John Called Out ‘Fake Fans’

Sports events are like fuels for human aggression. It’s a good thing when fans channel their testosterone-laden tempers into cheering loudly for their team. However, horror strikes when they use it to indulge in obscene behaviour to harass other spectators, as was the case during the recent NorthEast United FC v/s Chennaiyin FC match.

A video, that is slowly going viral, has emerged, which shows a Northeastern woman being surrounded and harassed by a group of boys during an Indian Super League match that was underway at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai.

Several people have shared the video on social media, which shows three women seated in the stand, while a guy is dancing and making obscene gestures in front of them.

But the most bothersome thing about this incident is that a bunch of people simply stood next to this scene, silent spectators to the whole ordeal, and refused to intervene or help the ladies.

A man sitting next to the woman tried to intervene but in vain. At one point, when the guy making the obscene gestures turns his back to the woman, she can be seen pushing him. But instead of intimidating, it only incites him further.

The video was first shared by a Facebook page called Indian Football Team For World CU.

NorthEast United FC condemned the incident by sharing the video and announcing their support for their fans.

NEUtd FC co-owner John Abraham also issued an official statement via the club’s official social media pages, where he vowed to find the offenders and ensure punishment.

He even sent a message to the harassed girl.

“To the girl who was victimised by these insensitive and thoughtless people, we stand with you and you’ll never feel alone as you must’ve felt in that moment. I will personally meet you and make sure you are ok.”

Following suit, the other playing team, Chennaiyin FC too reiterated the troublesome nature of this incident and assured that strong action would be taken against the miscreants who harassed the female fans.

They thanked their fans for their continued supported and promised to share more details soon.

This stellar show of support warranted another tweet from rivals turned compadres, the NorthEast United FC, who offered every help in the ongoing investigation.

Let’s hope these harassers are identified and taught a worthy lesson that sends a message to all sports fans about handling themselves in similar situations.

As for the mute audience, pray that if you ever find yourselves at the receiving end of such harassment, the people around you exercise a tad bit more humanity than you did.