Girl Records Grandpa’s Adorable Greetings Every Time She Visits Him, Watch Video

It’s a known fact that while parents are the ones who discipline us, grandparents are the ones who pamper us. Because after dealing with our parents for decades, when they get to press the reset button and relive someone’s childhood, they do it with all the love they’ve in their hearts.

Image Credits: Wolper Pictures

While some of us aren’t lucky enough to share this bond during our lifetime, there is a fortunate lot who get to spend a ton of precious moments with their grandparents. And one such soul decided to record it and show how lovely her grandpa is.

Twitter user @JenBarclayX posted a compilation of her 87-YO grandpa greeting her every time she went to meet him, and it’s just the most precious thing in existence.

Twitter was overwhelmed by this grandpa love for his granddaughter, and got nostalgic about their grandparents.

The relationship between a grandparent and a grand-kid is one of the purest things on Earth because you not only receive unadulterated love, but also values and knowledge from another era. So, respect the time you spend with them and let us know about your most memorable moment with your grandparents.

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