Girl Gives Her Number To A Guy With Few Digits Missing, He Lists All Combinations To Call Her

To go to a bar or a pub and find someone with whom you develop an instant connection is rare, especially at a time of right and left swipes. So when you get the chance to maintain that connection, you wouldn’t want to let go. Instead, you would want to do anything it takes to keep that person in your life.

Why am I saying all this? Here’s why.

A guy took to Twitter to share that his 22-year-old nephew met a girl at a bar and the two instantly hit it off. However, before leaving, the girl gave him her phone number but left two digits missing for him to guess.

In the note where she wrote down her number, she wrote, “Trust me, I’m worth it.”

But the guy didn’t give up. Instead, he pulled out a sheet of paper and a pen and got to work, writing down every combination and possibility he could think of.

Have a look at his tweet here:

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You may think that the girl could have just given her number to him. Plain and simple. Why did she need to drop him a riddle?

As it turns out, both the guy and the girl are true crime and mystery fanatics. The guy bragged to the girl that he is able to solve the case even before the show or the movie ends. So the girl decided to give him a puzzle of her own. Smart move!

As the tweet went crazy viral in the past couple of days and the guy still had a portion of the list of numbers to strike out, the girl decided to reach out to the guy’s uncle on Twitter and take over the “operation”.

Here’s a screenshot of their messages on Twitter DM.

Itna toh effort banta hai! 😛

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