13-YO Rajasthan Girl Sent To Juvenile Home For Killing Her 45-YO Rapist, Sparks Debate Online

Rajasthan’s Alwar district again witnessed a heinous crime against a 13-year-old girl. The minor was allegedly blackmailed and raped for months by multiple men. But when she took matters into her hand and murdered her rapist, she was detained and sent to a juvenile home, reported Hindustan Times.

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The cops informed that the deceased is a 45-year-old man named Vikram Yadav who was strangled to death by the girl when he was drunk. The married man with two kids not only allegedly forced the class 10 student to have a physical relationship with him, but he also coaxed her to indulge in the same with three other men.

When the man’s body was recovered, the villagers and his family thought it was a natural death. However, several pieces of evidence including a piece of cloth and marks on his body lead to the girl who lived nearby, said Mahaveer Singh, SHO, Kotkasim police station (Bhiwadi). He said:

“She was taken into confidence following which she confessed to the crime. She narrated the story of how she was being blackmailed and raped by him and others for the last six-seven months.”

It was during this investigation that the cops unearthed that the girl used to talk to a boy and one day she used the 45-year-old man’s phone for the same. Incidentally, their conversation got recorded giving the deceased the leverage to blackmail and rape her.

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“The girl said that she could not bear the torture anymore and decided to put an end to her ordeal. She plotted the murder on May 17 when he asked her to meet him at the night. She went near his house around midnight where he was present.”

“He was under the influence of alcohol. As soon as he grabbed her, she strangled him with a piece of cloth,” the SHO added.

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On hearing the girl’s side of the story, a case of gang rape against the four has been registered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

The fact that the girl was sent to a juvenile home for fighting for her safety from her rapists didn’t go well with a section of people online. This is how they reacted to this news.

People online collectively opined that it was an act of self-defense and the girl should be set free. Do you second their thoughts?

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