This Girl’s PPT On ‘Why To Date Me’ For Her Crush Won The Internet BUT, There’s A Twist!

You know how hard it is these days to impress the one you have your eyes set for? A simple hair-flip or a cutesy gesture or batting of eyelids just doesn’t cut the deal, these days. People are always looking for new, innovative and romantic acts of pursuit that would impress their new person of interest. Aah! Things we go through to catch the fancy of the one.

Since the world is so competitive, Lizzy Fenton wanted to stand out from the crowd to impress her new crush, Carter.

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So, in order to do that, Lizzy went to the extent of making a full-blown PowerPoint presentation on the reasons why he should date her. No kidding!


It’s a very comprehensive and all-inclusive presentation.

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With a lot of pointers that sum-up Lizzy’s “diverse” personality.

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And, she discusses important “parts” statistically.

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She also added some testimonies to make her case with Carter.

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But dayum! That boy was uninfluenced and not impressed by it even one bit. ?

Now, that’s real upsetting, isn’t it? She did so much and he couldn’t care less.


But look who took notice and commended Lizzy’s awesome effort?


Yesh! The guys who make PowerPoint.

Looks like Carter chapter is over. And, then Lizzy went about her life the normal way and resumed her witty stride on social media.

P.S. Why didn’t the guy like her though? *thinks confused*