Girl Asks Dad For Nariyal Paani, Finds Multiple Coconuts On Her Balcony Few Hours Later

Here in India, many girls don’t call themselves their ‘father’s daughter‘. Instead, they call themselves ‘Papa ki pari’. While some may make fun of this figure of speech, only those father-daughter jodis who share an unbreakable bond will truly understand the depth of those words.

Speaking of which, when one woman told her dad that she wanted coconut water, a few hours later she found a basket filled with multiple coconuts on her balcony! Clearly, it was her dad. She took to Twitter to post a picture of it:

People online responded to this tweet by sharing stories of how their dads have a tendency to ‘over give’.

Others lauded desi dads…because aren’t they just the best?

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BRB. Going to give my dad the tightest hug right now!

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