Supermodel Gigi Hadid Shuts Down Body Shamers In An Unapologetic Twitter Thread

Here’s the cruel truth: whether you’re just another woman in the crowd or a supermodel walking on the ramp, you will be judged for your physical appearance: Judge her because she is too fat; no wait, judge her because she’s too thin! She eats a lot; she doesn’t eat enough! No matter how perfect the rest of the world thinks she is, there will always be those who will want to pull a woman down by body shaming her. And to all those pieces of vermin, there’s a huge but respectfully shown middle finger from Gigi Hadid.

You might find it hard to believe this, but the beautiful Gigi Hadid, 21-year-old US supermodel and girlfriend to singer Zayn Malik, has been, on several occasions, shamed for her ‘skinny’ frame.

Back in 2015, Gigi had shared an Instagram post making her stand on the whole body shaming issue very sternly known and asked people to focus on talking about things that inspire them, rather than bringing other people down.

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But despite her outright condemnation of the issue, the haters continued to hate and the shamers continued to shame.

And now, in yet another fitting response to all of those body shamers, Gigi Hadid has shared a series of tweets, outright slamming them and revealing the real reason behind her slim frame.

In a no holds barred Twitter thread, Gigi summoned the courage to talk about her struggle with Hashimoto’s disease and how she was diagnosed for it after she began her modelling career at 17.

Hashimoto’s disease is caused by the immune system attacking the thyroid gland, which then makes it swell and even causes damage to it. The condition is known to lead to fatigue and weight gain.

Gigi went on to explain how, after receiving proper medical help, the symptoms have mitigated.

According to her, her lifestyle has been the same always, but it is just her body that has learnt to deal with it differently with the right medical help and she is, in fact, much healthier.

Just like every other woman, Gigi is constantly learning to love her body, with all its big and little changes.

As respectfully and as bluntly as she could, Gigi has stated that she no longer plans to justify how her body to anyone and has asked people to not judge her just because they cannot grasp the inner workings of her body.

In a nutshell, my body, my rules. Period.

In her final tweet, Gigi went ahead and directly addressed every individual on social media and every human being to have a little empathy for others and to not be cruel.

All I can say to that is, “Yaaaas Queeen!”

And I’m definitely not alone! All of Twitter rallied in support of the supermodel and praised her for speaking up against her body shamers.

Probably the most endearing thing was when her fellow supermodels and actresses gave her a shoutout in a stellar show of female solidarity!

We girls gotta have each others’ back, right?

1. You can count on Kendall Jenner keeping up with BFF Gigi’s words!

2. Slay, Gigi! Though you’ve got to agree with Hailey: nobody should have to explain their personal issues in public like this.

3. Xander Cage actress Ruby Rose sends her love to all, even the haters who gotta learn to love others!

4. Oh and there you go! Thanks to Lilly Aldridge, we all now know she and Gigi love their burgers!

5. ‘Healthy’ looks different on everyone. Word.

6. One supermodel supporting another! Woohoo to that!

7. Preach, Chrissy Teigen! May all women have men like your husband John Legend, all of whom loves all of you!

There were also women who shared their own stories of struggling with Hashimoto’s disease and how Gigi had nothing to feel ashamed of.

1. Much appreciated!

2. You’re wonderful and beautiful!

As a woman who has lived with body issues all her life, I can tell you, it wouldn’t have been easy for someone like Gigi Hadid and all the other women to come forth and talk about their problems so openly. But the point is, should they really have to? A woman’s body undergoes so many changes in her lifetime, and with it comes a hoard of complications. Why talk about their bodies when you don’t fully comprehend what goes on in there?

More power to you, Gigi Hadid, for rightly shutting those body shamers down!

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