This Beautiful Campaign Would Make You Want To Hug Your Granny After Watching It

If you ask me about my favourite memory growing up, I’d not waste a millisecond in screaming- listening to bed-time stories from my grandmom. 🙂

Ma, as I’d fondly call her, was always there when Mummy’s wrath had me hiding under the stairs. Luckily, she was also there to take me places, into the land of fairies and angels, every day without fail.

Now, unfortunately, she is not around but I couldn’t be more grateful for all the stories she told me, and in ways, those fables helped me understand the world. But while I have memories of her, stroking my hair, caressing me to sleep, I’m pained at the realisation that most children today are devoid of these stories and the unconditional love it stems from.

Fortunately, we sill have good samaritans who are going the extra mile. Samaritans like Vodafone who has taken the responsibility to connect a generation that has stories and a generation that has not heard them. 

That’s right. As a part of a noble campaign for Children’s day, Vodafone has joined hands with Storywallahs to gift school-going kids the best gift ever- a free pass to the world stories.

Stories of a crow who saves the day and a rabbit who cleverly handles a difficult situation and much more told LIVE by grandparents from across the nation.


Yes, it is as good as it sounds because the activity sees the installation of Vodafone digital screens at schools and old age homes correspondingly, bridging the gap that should have never existed in the first place. If I may add, grandparents will also be able to tell their stories better with puppet theatre and props, thanks to Vodafone Technology and its efforts.

Now, I know have surpassed the age of calling myself a kid, but when an opportunity like this shows up, it’s hard not to lie! After all, what better way to celebrate Children’s day than to #GiftAStory? 🙂

In association with Vodafone