Ghana’s Dancing Pallbearers Inspire Memes & Jokes Online

If you have been spending most of your time online, (which most of us are), then you might have come across a new video meme. We are talking about the one in which dangerous, life-threating acts are followed by a happy funeral dance by pallbearers. People online have discovered the video of Ghana’s dancing pallbearers and are killing boredom by creating interesting memes around them.

For the uninitiated, pallbearers are people who carry the casket at a funeral. Traditionally, they are seen wearing gloves and dressed in uniformity during the grieving moments, however, different pallbearers follow different traditions across the globe.

This video from an African funeral service is tickling the funny bones of people online. In the funeral coffin dance video, the pallbearers are seen putting up an act and dancing around in synchronised steps along with the coffin, reported Metro Online. They are seen dropping to the floor, spinning around and even throwing the casket in the air. Obviously, people couldn’t resist making jokes and memes around this unusual funeral.

Take a look:

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People also used the meme, requesting others to stay at home to avoid contacting the fatal coronavirus.

Interestingly, these dancers are hired by the family of the deceased to send-off their family members in style. The entire idea is to bring joy during the sad moments, reported BBC Africa.

Here’s the original video:

Well, although the memes are enough to keep me entertained for the day, I liked the idea of having dancers at a funeral. The dead can’t return, so why not celebrate the life they lived, right?

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