Guy Seeks Advice For GF Whose Family Puts Her Under Regressive Restrictions During Periods

Something as normal as menstruation continues to be a taboo subject in various parts of our country even today. Women are subjected to immense regressiveness on those 5 days of their cycle. There are families who prevent menstruating women from entering the kitchen, touching food or washed clothes, furniture, etc. Some women are even not allowed to sleep on their own beds.

A guy recently took to Reddit to reveal how his 21-year-old girlfriend is facing similar instances from her family as she is on her period. He says that the two of them live in Mumbai. His girlfriend lives with her mother and maternal grandmother. He alleges that even though she isn’t from a strictly orthodox family so to speak, she is made to follow some restrictions while she is on her periods.

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“She’s not allowed to touch anything in the kitchen, so that means she has to rely on someone else to get her food when she is hungry. She’s not allowed to touch her own clothes in the cupboard. She has to wash her clothes separately. Now, this is the worst of all, she’s not allowed on any furniture, she is supposed to sit on a separate mattress for the first four days of her cycle.”

He further revealed that if his girlfriend doesn’t comply, then the grandmother bickers to her mother which makes the girl feel sad for her and hence, she doesn’t fight it.

“She is well aware that the things happening with her are wrong, but she doesn’t fight it because she thinks it’s a waste of everyone’s time and energy. She hopes to move out soon (within a couple of years) anyway,” he wrote.

Have a look at his full post here:

Ladies, how are you treated by your family members during your periods? from india

Several people online took to the comment section to share some important advice. For example, one Reddit user pointed out that the guy just needs to show his support and not tell his girlfriend what to do, as there are already people in her family doing the same.

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Some even said that the girl has two options – educate the grandmother or rebel.

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There was this one suggestion that the girl could choose not to reveal that she is on her period.

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Don’t you think it’s high time society should discard such regressive practices related to periods? Tell us!

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