Girlfriend Farts On BF’s Face While Trying To Cartwheel On Him, Twitter Says, ‘How Romantic’


When we get into a relationship, initially, we try to put our best foot forward at every date or meeting. But over time, we start becoming comfortable around them without a full face of makeup, a day without bathing and aren’t shy in showing them our weird laugh or an awkward habit we aren’t proud of.

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Well, looks like this woman from North Carolina shares a strong bond with her boyfriend hence, she wasn’t shy in farting on his face while creating a video for her social media family. Among the many weird videos that were posted on TikTok, this video of a girlfriend farting on her boyfriend’s face while attempting a cartwheel breaks all records. In the video, the boyfriend identified as Joe Sliwoski skilfully held his girl Kendra Colwell, 19, as she attempted the cartwheel on him, reported New York Post.

However, on her attempt at doing the reverse cartwheel, she farts on his face, pretty loudly. Shocked by the ‘stink attack’, Joe quickly dropped Kendra, while she broke into fits of laughter after performing the ‘fart-wheel’. The daredevils also posted the video online.

People were ROFL at the hilarious video of the pair performing the stunt:

Well, I think I’ll just leave you here, with this video!

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