Man Says His GF Of 5 Months Whom He Met On Bumble Is Asking For Money, Seeks Advice

For some people, when they are in love with their partner, even though they have been dating for just a couple of months, it only makes sense to pamper them, shower them with gifts, take them to dates and dinners, and not let them spend a dime. That’s their love language, maybe.

But, for others, the same situation might come across as being too desperate, parenting the irresponsible partner, and a major red flag.

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An Indian man come to a point in his relationship where he started doubting the intentions of his GF after she started asking for money from him despite having a decent job.

Taking to the r/India subreddit of the social media platform Reddit, he shared his ordeal in brief.

The man shared that he has been dating a girl for five months whom he met on an online dating app. But since they hit it off quickly, they are considering marrying each other. Their families have met too. However, the mother of the girl doesn’t like the guy for how he looks and considers his engineering job as boring.

But that hasn’t affected the girl. They go on dates and every time they are together, he never lets her pay for anything. The woman does have a steady job but has to provide for her family. Her sister is a doctor and also contributes to her family’s expenses.

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He goes on to share that he recently got a good job and has been paying off his dad for a car and have already informed the girl that his finances are tight. Having said that, they are not talking as of now as she needed to cope with her mental health due to stress at work and family-related issues. But, when they did, the woman starts asking for some money from him for her basic needs.

“She told me her dad has almost no money so there is no one in the family to help her during this time. So even though I dated in the past there has never been a relationship in which anyone has ever asked me for money and I feel really reluctant as it’s a huge red flag for me when anyone asks me for money. Since they have a steady job and still are not able to manage finances well.”

Even though he loves providing for her, the woman asking for money made him uncomfortable.

“I have some traditional ideas about dating and I feel since we are serious about each other we should want to take care of each other but since we aren’t married I am not sure if I am still supposed to provide for her financially.”

Not sure of where things are leading, he decided to ask for advice from people as to what they thought of his situation and if this is normal in relationships.

Advice on my girlfriend asking me for money?
by u/Language_Plastic in india

His complicated situation raised many eyebrows. Some opined that the woman suddenly asking for money despite having a steady job and the fact that her mom dislikes him can be a red flag.

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However, a handful of people also told him to trust the woman and follow his gut.

This is indeed a tricky situation that can best be resolved by talking it out. What do you think?

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