From ‘Finding Flaws’ To Falling In Love, People Share How They Got Over A Long-Time Crush

Breaking up with our partner who we’ve dated for years and moving on from the relationship can be quite painful. Having said that, even if it is a crush and not an actual relationship where the feelings are mutual, it is still difficult for us to just forget them and carry on with our lives.

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People on Reddit are sharing their personal experiences on how they successfully got over their crushes in the hope that it might help the rest of us too. Take a look.

What helped you get over a crush you had for years? from AskReddit

1. A new crush or better yet, a new relationship.

2. Seeing our crush in a committed and happy relationship with someone else

3. Acceptance

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4. Getting rejected

5. Time heals all

6. Sometimes, even our best efforts fail.

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7. Realizing that reality is quite different from our daydreams.

8. Making them the villain of the story?

What are your tried and tested methods to get over a crush? Tell us.

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