This ‘Get Match Ready’ Party Starter Pack Is All You Need, To Be The Perfect Host

Believe it or not, cricket fever has plagued us all because ’tis the season for cricket fellas! Personally speaking, I was never a fan of cricket until I was invited to a friend’s house for watching a match. I thought to myself, “yeah well, all my friends are going, and I have major FOMO, so got no choice but to see the frickin’ match.”

That was it, guys. I have now pledged my faith to the one religion that unites us all – cricket. All because of a match party. I have hosted my own parties to watch the match ever since and it’s always been a ball.

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So if you plan to host your own ‘Get match ready’ and want to be super cool while doing so, I’m going to help you put up the perfect show.

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Apart from some chilled lemonade to beat this heat, favourite team’s jerseys to get the feel and a bigass LED TV, you’re going to need TWO important things to get your match ready party started.

Don’t fret, it’s not much. Here’s what you’ll need to be the perfect host for a kickass ‘Get Match Ready’ party.

1. Vuvuzelas

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First things first, you HAVE to cheer your favourite team on. Whistling is so old-school (and I, for one, can’t whistle). So bring out these horns and hand them out to everyone. Also, it is perfect to give you a near-stadium feel.

Sadly, they’re a tad bit expensive if you go to buy them. But I’ve got you covered.

My homie Rob (no, he doesn’t know me, how I wish he did, though!) can teach you how to make your own vuvuzelas quickly and quite simply.

Materials you’ll need, you ask? Just a couple of cans of Pringles and some tape. No biggie! Here’s how you can do it:


This is the most important part. Pringles are to a match that popcorn is to a movie. You just cannot watch it without munching on it. Whether your nerves are wracking with tension or you’re celebrating a glorious win, Pringles are the best snack to binge on.

So go to the supermarket right away and stock up a pile of Pringles before the D-day, i.e. your Get Match Ready party day.

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(Here’s a little pro-tip – you can use the same Pringles’ cans to make your vuvuzelas as taught by Rob! Yes, yes, I’m a genius, I know. 😂)

Mallika Dua is surely cheered up despite not being a player like Make-Up Didi. I mean, she even got her own Pingles Vuvuzela and here’s what she has to say.

But that’s not all, look at all these cool people sharing their #PringlesVuvuzela fun on Instagram and Twitter. Oh Gosh, I can’t wait to do this myself over the weekend.

1. Oh, those beats are surely going to pump up the mood.

2. It can also be your lucky charm!

3. Boys will be boys, no?

4. I’ve got everything to replicate this picture except a boy who would do this. 😂

5. Yes, that’s how you annoy your friends when they’re supporting the losing team.

There, you have the complete guide to make you the coolest, most sorted host for the perfect match party, this cricket season. If all else fails, just make sure you have Pringles ready at hand, and you should be good to go. Are you ready, then? *blows vuvuzelas*

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