Germany, Belgium, Netherlands Ravaged By Floods, Villages Wiped Out & 150 Killed

Several parts of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands have been ravaged by severe floods recently. Continuous rainfall and storm have caused rivers and reservoirs to “burst” their banks, flooding homes and destroying buildings, reports The Independent.

According to NDTV, as many as 150 people have been killed, mostly from Western Germany, and several others have been missing. Streets and houses are submerged in water, cars have been overturned, and trees uprooted.

“Everything was under water within 15 minutes,” said a 21-year-old local.

BBC reports that phone networks were down, roads are damaged, and more than 100,000 homes are without power. Areas of Luxembourg and Switzerland have also been affected.

Terrifying visuals of the floods have gone viral on social media. Muddy floodwater is seen gushing through the streets at a terrific speed. Have a look:

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According to a report by The Guardian, climate change has a huge role to play in this crisis.

“Scientists have long predicted climate disruption will lead to more extreme weather, such as heatwaves, droughts and floods. Human emissions from engine exhaust fumes, forest burning and other activities are heating the planet. As the atmosphere gets warmer it holds more moisture which brings more rain,” the report read.

Our prayers are with the people of the affected areas.

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