German Woman Who Braved -23° Says She Can’t Bear Mumbai Winters, Mumbaikers Say ‘Same’

If you’ve lived in Mumbai, you would feel that it’s the coldest place to live in. But if you’ve moved to Delhi from Mumbai, you are sure to feel, ‘kya jhooth boltey hai yaar Mumbai k log’. This banter between Delhiites and Mumbaikers is never going to grow old.

But, Twitter recently raised eyebrows when a German woman living in Mumbai said that Mumbai winters are unbearable for her.

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Taking to Twitter, the woman named Simi penned that even though she has braved winters of -23° celsius, she is sitting in her Mumbai house with both the air conditioner and the fan switched off. Moreover, she has also enveloped herself in a warm woolen scarf. This is how cold she is RN.

As expected, people took to the comments sections to understand and give their own explanations of why she is unable to bear Mumbai winters.

Where are all Delhi people at?

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