Guy’s Creative Way Of Asking A Girl For Nudes Is Goddamn Genius, And The Internet Agrees!

Brace yourselves, the sheer amount of genius in what you’re about to read might just blow you away. I know what you’re gonna say, “It’s just a guy asking a girl for nudes. NBD!”But to that I say, believe me, what this guy did is a very, very big deal! And you’ll remember this the next time you ask or receive the plain old ‘send nudes’ text on your online dating app.

Redditor drewhead118 posted screenshots of his conversation with a girl on an online dating app. The girl, Emilia, asked him to write her an OG romantic sonnet. And our boy did.

But little did the impressed Emilia know that she was about to be more impressed then she expected. Because this beautiful and sweet sonnet had a very modern twist!

Wait for it….

WHAAAAAT! He wrote that whole sonnet around that! FML!

I mean, OF COURSE, Emilia was impressed! But our boy Drew here had another Shakespearean ace up his poetic sleeve!

I simply cannot believe this guy!

If you thought this epic Inception-esque genius was over, oh how sorely mistaken you are, my friend! Because there was more!

I mean, I can’t even! He’s a goddamn genius.

What the actual fuck! Who is this guy??????????????

But wait! What is this I see? There’s more? STILL?

OMG thank God! Because that was bordering on Barney Stinson-level of AWESOME!

Reddit was waxing stunned about this guy and his creative genius. I mean the sheer effort this would require on the guy’s part! And all of this to ask a girl to ‘send nudes’! RESPECT!

I’ll say it: they don’t make men like this anymore!

Shakespeare in the 21st century!

He totally deserves all the action he gets because of this!

He got the iambic pentameter right, you guys! LIT(erature) AF!

And when he tried to do her messages in the same way…. that messed with everyone!

Someone asked him if he used this on every girl….

… but turns out, he just got extra lucky with this one!

How can any guy ever live up to this? Answer: They can’t!

Smooth and unbeatable!

This is THE MOVE!

And if any of you guys reading this are thinking of pulling off the same move….

Whoops! You can’t!

But then someone asked a very legit question: How the hell was the guy going to top this when he actually meets the girl?

Well, knowing this genius, something very OTT!

I think I wouldn’t worry about him. He sure knows the right tactics to get with the ladies! Mad RESPECT!