In A First, Government School In Kerala’s Kochi Introduces ‘Gender-Neutral Uniform’, See Pics

In a bid to boost confidence and break gender barriers, a government school in Kerala’s Kochi decided to adopt gender-neutral uniforms. Setting a precedent, the primary school in Valayanchirangara at Ernakulam district has made uniforms common for both girls and boys.

According to a report by Times Of India, the policy was first initiated by the then principal of the school C Raji in 2018. It was introduced now after the policy got a nod from the school management committee and parents-teachers committee.

Speaking about the initiative, Raji said, “Gender equality was the main subject when we were talking about many factors to implement in the school. Therefore, the uniform came to mind.”

“When I was thinking about what to do with it, I could see that girls face a lot of problems when it comes to skirts. The idea of a change was discussed with everyone. 90 percent of parents supported this at that time. The kids were happy too. I feel very happy and proud that this is being discussed now.”

After the implementation of the policy, the kids of the school are required to wear shirts and three-fourth trousers.

“This uniform is very helpful for doing anything, especially for girls. They and their parents are very happy with this decision. The reason for this decision is the idea that boys and girls should have equal freedom and happiness,” said Suma KP, the present Headmistress in charge.

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While this comes as a move to reduce gender inequalities, it has also sparked a debate online.

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