‘We All Do It’: People Support Gauri Khan For Editing Her Pics & Whitening Her Skin Tone

Filters and photo-editing apps have been built to cash in on a person’s insecurities about how they look. The more you are open to scrutiny and in the public eye, the more stressed and anxious a person is to showcase their flaws to the world.

And like us, many celebs also fall for air-brushing and filtering their pictures before posting them on social media.

A couple of weeks ago, Shah Rukh Khan’s wife and interior designer Gauri Khan was in Dubai for a global event along with her daughter Suhana.

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Khan also posted her solo picture from the event. In the image, she wore a black cut-out dress and looked flawless and glamorous.


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But somehow, people online managed to dig out the same picture of hers taken by the media. And when you put both these pictures of Gauri side-by-side, you would easily point out that the public figure had beautified it before posting it on her social media.

Gauri editing her picture was a topic of discussion on Reddit where people debated why celebs feel the need to “beautify” their pics.

Actual Pic vs the edited one Gauri posted on her insta. Why do celebs feel the need to "beautify" their pics so much these days ?? from BollyBlindsNGossip

She was shamed for changing her skin tone.


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Some said they have more insecurities than common people because of the constant trolling and age-shaming.

However, there were also others who came to her support saying that everyone does it these days and we shouldn’t be hard on them.

These days, people have been ditching editing apps and posting their raw images online. But, rather than accepting their real self, the desktop warriors shame them for not looking perfect.

Probably this is the reason we all use filters. What do you think?

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