Same-Sex, Indian-Polish Couple Have A Full-On Desi Wedding With Mehendi & Haldi, See Pics

As kids, it is hard not to believe in the magical, Rahul-Simran wala love – where you cross borders and fight the world just to be with each other. However, as years go by and we face the world, many of us suffer heartbreaks and become cynics of ‘true love’. We end up questioning, does true love even exist?

However, Garry and Pranay’s love story screams ‘YES’!

Meet Gaurav Arora a.k.a Garry from Delhi and Przemek Pawlicki a.k.a Pranay from Poland, who met each other one fine day at Hauz Khas Village, fell in love and crossed borders just to be with each other. Here’s their story.

According to WeddingSutra, the two found each other on a dating app. Their journey began in New Delhi where they both met for their first ‘date’ in Hauz Khas Village.

“I was visiting the country from Warsaw, Poland, where I live, and was immediately fascinated with Garry when I came across his profile, and I knew I had to meet him,” said Pranay.

“We instantly connected and had a wonderful evening getting to know one another. However, knowing that he was just visiting and would soon return to his country, I was sceptical of falling for him. We eventually decided to not let his departure bring us down and went on to spend an incredible 10 days together,” Garry said.

However, when it was time for Pranay to leave, he invited Garry to visit Poland for Christmas and meet his family. And from there, it was no looking back!

Garry arrived in Poland for Christmas, he met Pranay’s family and instantly clicked. The same was with Pranay when he met Garry’s family. The two families were supportive of their relationship and had nothing but immense love for them.

The two moved in together and stayed in Poland for 4 years. They then shifted to Amsterdam.

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Pranay proposed to Garry during Valentine’s week on a train journey back to Warsaw from his hometown and of course, Garry said yes!

Their wedding was filled with desi vibes. From hosting a Mehendi to Haldi and wearing sherwanis, pictures from the festivities show how the two had a blast.

“There was an emotional moment during the wedding ceremony when we both cried. We felt the entirety of everything we had been through in all the years we had been together,” said Garry.

“In Poland, it was impossible to think about same-sex marriage. We had amazing friends & families who donated for this day, and we are so thankful for all the wishes and love we received that made the wedding a reality. Feeling all of that all at once, we could not hold back our tears,” he added.

What an incredible love story!

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