Reddit Co-founder Expresses Love For Garlic Naan, Indians Say, ‘Try Kulcha & Parotta Next’

What happens when someone who lives abroad tries desi khaana for the first time? Well, some of them get overwhelmed by the spices, some people call it boring, while others are absolutely gobsmacked by the party of flavors exploding in their mouth. Something like the latter happened when Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian tried garlic naan recently which prompted him to tweet about it.

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Needless to say, Twitter replied with the best accompaniments to garlic naan to further enhance the flavour – butter chicken, cheese, mint chutney, tadka dal etc.

Many offered more lip-smacking suggestions like aloo parantha, onion kulcha, Peshawari naan, butter rumali roti etc.

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And looks like he has found what he wants to try next – South-Indian parotta.

Which type of roti is your favourite?

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