People On Their Way To Char Dham Yatra Turn Kedarnath Into A Mountain Of Garbage, See Visuals

Whenever a living being visits a place, it leaves some sort of identification marks like footprints, or garbage in the case of humans. Remember when the government eased covid restrictions, how people turned Himachal into a dump yard with trails of garbage littered all over?

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Yet again, some humans have given a very ‘stinking’ example of their negligence by littering Uttarakhand’s Char Dham Yatra sites with plastic and other similar garbage after the holy sites were opened to the public after a two-year hiatus.

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The stretch leading to Kedarnath, one of the four Char Dham Yatra sites, turned into a mounting pile of garbage as devotees visited in huge numbers.

The visuals of ice-capped mountains ‘decorated’ with kilometer-long garbage trails are shocking.

Prof MS Negi Head, Department of Geography, Garhwal Central University said that the way plastic garbage has piled up in a sensitive place like Kedarnath is hazardous for our ecology. “It’ll lead to erosion which can cause landslides. We must keep in mind the tragedy of 2013 & remain careful.”

“The tourist inflow has risen manifold due to which plastic garbage has increased as we don’t have proper sanitation facilities. This has affected the natural vegetation. Medicinal plants are getting extinct as well,” added Prof. MC Nautiyal, Director, HAPPRC.

People online were irked by such irresponsible behavior of tourists. Some also suggested measures to curb this nuisance.

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It hardly takes any effort to keep our garbage with us and discard them at the proper outlet. This is basic civic sense. People who think it’s okay to throw even a toffee wrapper on the streets are responsible for ruining the beauty of our country.

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