People Call Out Teacher For Misinforming Students That ‘Gamusa’ Is An Animal Found In Assam

Few things earn the ire of the public as much as people spreading misinformation and instances of brazen cultural appropriation. Most recently, a video of a teacher grossly misinforming his students by telling them that ‘Gamusa’ is an animal, went viral online. 

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The clip was posted a year ago and titled ‘SSC JE 2020 Marathon Class’. It was initially posted by a learning platform, GradeUp and showed a teacher presenting the information as a multiple-choice question. “Of which state is the ‘gamusa’ a cultural symbol? Assam was shown as the correct answer.” However what irked people online was that the teacher went on to say that “Gamusa is an animal, Abhijit. It’s an animal.”

For the uninitiated, the humble “Gamocha” (pronounced as Gamusa) is a piece of cloth that is festooned with woven motifs. Considered a cultural symbol of the state of Assam, it is usually gifted as a mark of respect and gratitude, reports the Sentinel, Assam.

Outraged at the teacher’s ignorance, people online schooled him. Here’s what they had to say-

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The learning platform soon tweeted their explanation for the goof up, but it did little to pacify the public.

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