Did You Too Notice These 15 Things In The Season 7 Premiere Of ‘Game of Thrones’? *Major Spoilers*

Disclaimer: The post is dark and full of spoilers. Proceed at your own risk. 

Amid the rains (Thank you, Indian Rain Gods), WINTER is here. Like, HERE! The season seven premiere of the fantasy-drama, ‘Game of Thrones’ has got everyone talking and excited about it. And, why not? The wait has been pretty long, my friend.

But, did the first episode ‘Dragonstone’ live up to the expectations and match your level of excitement? Well, mostly yes. The series is building up (still) and that is how things work in GOT.

Mind you, each scene, each human, each ring, each ornament, each dialogue is there for a reason in GOT. And, you have to notice each bit closely, which is the sole reason behind this post! Did you notice these 15 things coming in during the season premiere? Don’t worry, we did! Have a look.

1. Arya’s Walder Frey moment.

“Tell them winter came for House Frey.”

Damn, gurl! Not only did she manage to decimate the whole army of Frey (as Frey), but she delivered the ultimate one-liner right before leaving. Noticed that smirk on her face, before she walked out? We did.


2. Cersei’s only Lannisters that count moment!

Courtesy: HBO

When Cersei was strolling over the freshly painted map of the seven kingdoms, sippin’ on some wine, having “the talk” with Jaime, did you sense the tension too?


And, Jaime’s reaction to Cersei asking him about whether he is afraid of her was simply, “Should I be?” with a raised eyebrow.

Courtesy: HBO

So far Maggy the Frog’s prophecy has been true and Cersei’s pacing towards becoming the dreadful mad-Queen.


3. Lyanna Mormont’s sass continues.

Courtesy: HBO

“I don’t plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me.”


Right at that moment, you should see Sansa’s and Brienne’s mighty impressed faces.


4. Jon repeating Ned Starks’s lines and is en route to becoming one.

Courtesy: HBO

“The one who passes the sentence must swing the sword.”

We can also see the difference of opinions between Sansa and Jon, publicly. Much to Littlefinger’s amusement. P.S. Jon’s daddy issues are showing up.


5. Sansa Stark is a mini Cersei.

When Jon says, “You almost sound as if you admire her.” Sansa simply lipped,

“I learned a great deal from her.”

She sure did!


6. Also, when Sansa exactly knew what Littlefinger wants.

Image Source

Marriage? Power? Both? What else?


7. Tormund leching bad at Brienne, and her irritated reaction. 😛

Courtesy: HBO

Oh, Tormund, you might wanna up your game a bit, buddy.


8. The sight The Hound saw in the fire.

Did he just describe the great war?  The Wall, and a castle near the sea where the dead are marching past.

P.S. The house, they are taking shelter at, is the same house which belonged to the family who gave him shelter with Arya in the previous season. He then stole from them and left them to die, earlier.


9. Arya and Sheeran, of course.

Ed fitted quite right in. But, a Lannister army-man? Why couldn’t he be one of the Starks? Oh, wait, his hair colour.


10. Samwell’s routine is borderline puke-inducing.

Courtesy: HBO

One couldn’t make out the difference between poop and food. (We intentionally avoided the graphic screenshot.)


11. Samwell’s…err… Gilly’s discovery of Dragonglass.

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Sam and Gilly found out about Dragonstone having a mountain of dragon glass, which is what Jon is looking for (have to ‘mine it’, he directed maesters in the episode). And, that’s what he will be asking Dany in the upcoming episode (the leaked pictures of them meeting, remember?).


12. Jaime’s face when Euron told Cersei about killing his own brother (Balon),

Image Source

“You should try it, feels wonderful.”

Oh, and when Euron expressed his desire to marry the Queen! Plus, Euron had his flattery game on with both Cersei and Jaime (Jamie almost fell for it though. Cersei knows exactly what Euron wants, and she declined his proposal.)

Our question is, what is the most precious thing Euron will get for her to win her hand in marriage?


13. The hand in the trailer coming out is of Jorah.

And, Jorah even asked Sam if the Dragon Queen has arrived yet. BTW, his greyscale condition seems to have worsened.


14. Dany reaches Dragonstone and means business.

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The minute you expected her to sit on that throne, that very minute she turned and walked into The Chamber of the Painted Table. The very first line (and the last line of the episode) from Daenerys Stormborm Targaryen’s lips is,

“Shall we begin?”

P.S. Why was Lord Varys so quiet? So, was Tyrion.


15. The pre-cap. The whole pre-cap means something.

It lists only the important events. And, we are busy reading in between the lines.


To be honest, we are scratching our heads with it and going for a re-watch. So, we’re gonna leave you with Archmaester’s words,

“The Wall has stood through it all, and every winter that has ever came has ended.”


Waiting for Episode 2: Stormborm!

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This too shall pass. The wait, we mean.

P.S. We can’t just unsee Wun-Wun marching with the dead in the beginning of the episode.