‘Game Of Thrones’ Released 15 New Pictures Of Season 8 And We Can’t Keep Calm!

The last season of Game of Thrones feels so 10-year old right now. You have to give it the fans – they know how to stay calm, and for two years! We have been waiting for the trailer sitting at the edge of our seats. Since HBO is literally teasing us right now, they’re letting things go one detail at a time.

So last night when the world was sleeping, they decided to drop some new pictures for the final season!

But before looking at the pictures, let me tell you that there aren’t obvious easter eggs (well played, GOT), but all fans must overthink (like we don’t do that enough already)!

1. Find someone who looks at you like Jon Snow looks at his aunt.

2. Ser Davos definitely doesn’t look that happy.

3. This is the look I used to have throughout the entire math class back at school. Or maybe that’s just how you look at someone who is trying to take away your kingdom (teehee!)

4. Does anyone else notice how Cercie might just be extra vulnerable right now? Are her eyes moist or is it just the lens?

5. You know something is wrong when Brienne looks that way! This definitely looks like a council meeting held at Winterfell (OMG I can’t calm my nerves!).

6. Nothing much to see here. Same old three-eyed Raven chilling by the fire while everyone else is dying at a battle.

7. Is anyone else extremely excited seeing Samwell Tarly?! He isn’t in his maester┬árobes, and he is definitely not at the Citadel! HE’S BACK! And now it’s time for some legendary secret spilling.

8. I’ll really feel the chills when (if) this guy dies.

9. The last time we saw Tyrion like this was when Dany and Jon were in the bedroom together. Something bad is about to go down. Also, he’s at Winterfell, and the blue detailing in his robes reminds me of the Night King in a scary way.

10. Pretty sure Jaime is at Winterfell talking to Tyrion here, reminiscing about childhood days, eating grapes and drinking wine before he threw Bran off the tower and hell broke loose.

11. Anyone else noticed the red detailing in Dany’s robes? Sure that might symbolise the Targaryen blood but also it symbolises love, judging by the way Dany is looking probably at Jon?

12. This picture is so satisfying. Cercei standing all alone.

13. Nothing much here either. Just your daily dose of badassery! BTW, who is that standing behind Arya?

14. By this time, one could never really tell what Jon’s expressions look like. His happy and sad and horrified almost looks the same. Any suggestions?

15. Fans waiting for the official trailer like…

Let all these pictures sink in for the moment. We can get back to craving for more in about 5 minutes.