Did You Spot The Starbucks Cup In Game of Thrones S8E04? Twitter Reacts To Goof-Up With Hilarious Memes!

You know how fans, while watching a particular show that they like, tend to study even the tiniest details while looking for easter eggs? Well, turns out this time GOT fans have found gold!

Game of Thrones S8E04 came with its own set of disappointments and fans have already poured a lot of anger on to it. The dinner scene particularly was unlike anything the first ever dinner scene which we saw at the beginning of the show had. With Wildlings surrounding Jon Snow and boasting about how it takes a King to ride a Dragon with Danaerys sitting right next to him did make fan’s blood boil.


But a particular GOT fanatic took on Instagram to point out an out-of-the-blue detail which is making everyone go ROLF. Here’s what happened.

While everyone was drinking Dornish wine, Danaerys was drinking Starbucks.

While most of us didn’t notice this at first glance, people went back to watching the scene again. And there it was, a Starbucks coffee for the Dragon Queen!

As expected, Netizens had a good laugh and behold! Thus started a meme-fest.


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Even David and Dan were in the episode!

While the production team definitely felt a massive blow, the showrunners were quick to join the laugh as well!

Even Winterfell needs some coffee after the Great War, people!

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