A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Points Out Jaime Lannister Wearing Robb Stark’s Armour In Season 8

Recently ‘Game of Thrones’ dropped 15 new pictures from their final season which is to air on April 14th. Nobody wants to wait that long, so fans (at least I) started hunting for Easter eggs (if any) from the pictures. But there hasn’t been much luck.

However, turns out I wasn’t alone in the hunt. Many people joined in against luck and one of them did find something precious!

And the Easter egg lies somewhere least expected!

A particular user who goes by the name @Chillravenart on Twitter found starking similarities between Jaime Lannister’s and Robb Stark’s armour.

The breastplate and the pauldrons look exactly the same. And do you know what that means?

Jaime has changed allegiance and now fights for the North!

Even though it was kinda hinted at towards the end of season 7 when Jaime left King’s Landing on a horse NOT wearing his Lannister armour.

A war is coming, and fans can’t stop overthinking it!

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If Jaime is going to fight against his “sister”, you might want to keep the popcorn ready!

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