Preview Of GoT’s 2nd Episode Is Out And We Think We Know What Jon Snow Is Up To!

Game of Thrones season 7 premiered at wee (or not so wee hours) on Monday morning and we got to witness the fantasy world. Dragonstone down, we are waiting for the next episode which is titled, Stormborn. You very well know who is that. Duh! Daenerys Stormborm Targaryen, remember?

The preview of the second episode is here and in that very short clip, we sorta have gotten a grasp of what Jon Snow is up to. If you look closely after Cersei’s claim, Dany’s perfect braid, Yara’s proclamation to take on the King’s Landing and the kiss with Ellaria, of course; you would also see a certain somebody strangling Littlefinger. That’s Jon Snow, btw. Or looks like him. Did Lord Baelish say something to piss off the King in the North? Did he speak ill of Sansa?

Or does that mean that he will die in this episode? And, those who have watched the first episode will know the importance of Dragonstone and what Jon’s next move will be.